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The EcoFutures Board

The EcoFutures Team

Paul Maxwell

Dr Paul Maxwell

General manager, Coastal and Systems Ecologist

Professor Samantha Capon

National Lead for Ecology Transitions

Dr Helen Corney

Urban Ecologist and Strategy

Abigail Watkins

Senior Ecologist, Fauna and Systems Ecologist

Trish Chadwick

Senior Ecologist, Restoration Ecology and Planning

Ben Gawne

Dr Ben Gawne

Freshwater Ecologist and Ecohydrologist

Dr Emily Saeck

Aquatic ecologist and science engagement specialist

Ying Quek

Ying Quek

Ecohydrologist, Spatial and Data Specialist

Dr Susan Nuske

Mycologist and Forest Ecologist

Chrissi Charles

Vegetation Ecologist

Charlotte Williams

Charlotte Warfield

Coastal and Vegetation Ecologist

Ana Backstrom

Vegetation Ecologist