Helping ecosystems adapt to uncertain futures

We are part of the Alluvium Group

Founded in 2006, the Alluvium Group has the largest and most experienced group of biophysical scientists, social scientists, engineers, economists, and strategists in Australia working in the water, catchment and climate adaptation sectors.

Our structure includes five independent, but highly integrated consulting practices including Alluvium Consulting, Alluvium International, Natural Capital Economics, EcoFutures and Mosaic Insights.

Alluvium Consulting (alluvium.com.au): Alluvium Consulting is a national leader in climate, catchment and waterway science and engineering and advisory services,   We work across policy and strategy, planning, design and program evaluation.

Mosaic Insights (mosaicinsights.com.au): Mosaic Insights is a strategy, planning and design practice that focuses on an evidence-based human-centred approach to create healthy, adaptive social landscapes with a focus on climate impacts and adaptation. We support clients with sound data to inform place- based designs that are safe, resilient, equitable and sustainable.

Natural Capital Economics (nceconomics.com): Natural Capital Economics delivers true integration of science and economic thinking into project delivery and has a focus on helping clients understand and resolve the most complex and pressing challenges related to natural resources, climate change and risk assessments, and sectors that are directly and indirectly reliant on the natural resource base for ongoing prosperity.

Alluvium International (alluvium.com.au):  Alluvium International and its subsidiary Alluvium International India focus on work through the Asia Pacific region.  We deliver policy, strategy and planning advise associated with development challenges at the intersection of people and the environment.

Alluvium Foundation (alluviumfoundation.org): The Alluvium Foundation is a not-for-profit, independent organisation that seeks involvement in national debate on complex issues that impact our society and environment. It provides a platform to bring together national and international leaders to discuss and debate key issues and influence policy, planning and practice.