Integrating research and practical management

We advise companies, institutions and governments on policy, strategy and planning associated with how to most effectively work within the ecological landscape.

We work with ecological communities across rural, urban and natural environments

EcoFutures works across catchments provides holistic consulting services to advance policy and planning of natural systems. We bring specific skills in catchment rehabilitation following extreme natural events including, fire, drought and flood. Ecofutures have a team of scientists, ecologists, hydrologists and engineers that are experienced in ecological surveys, natural resource management, environmental impact assessment and development of receiving environment monitoring programs to ensure the protection of these dynamic and vital areas.
Mountains and catchments
Planning and delivery of environmental water is an established approach to environmental management. To be successful it needs to combine ecological and hydrological science, effective decision making processes and the understanding of how water is delivered in the field. EcoFutures has unique access to experienced hydrologists, economists and engineers through the Alluvium Group to offer an up to date and complete approach to environmental water.
The disconnection of floodplains across the country has had a significant impact our biodiversity. EcoFutures brings the combination of ecology, spatial science and hydrology to develop policy and operations for floodplains and their various components.
Estuary and Coastal
With rising sea levels and increased development our coastal environment faces pressure from many angles. At the same time our love for those systems and the resources that are available present opportunities to enhance and protect those valuable assets. EcoFutures specialises in planning for a future of change and helping coastal systems adapt.
Urban areas are now a significant land use across the globe. Remnant habitat exists in parks, private properties, road corridors and waterways that can sustain a high level of biodiversity. Management and planning of these areas has traditionally occurred at a State or Local Government scale. We believe that taking a landscape approach can deliver better outcomes for these areas that can have abundant natural resources.
Urban landscapes
Rural landscapes
Rural landscapes are highly varied across Australia, but they all interact with
natural ecological systems in some way. We bring specialist skills in understanding
ecosystem services to rural landscapes and work with government
management authorities and private industry to support sustainable practices, ecological
systems and the wider landscape.