Climate resilient revegetation framework

EcoFutures were engaged by a water resources manager to develop an internal climate change adaptation framework, which included adaptive pathways approaches for their vegetation management activities. The project included three workshops with a working group developed for the project including key organisational staff, as well as inputs from their research partners including the University of Melbourne.

The project included:

    1. Undertaking a desktop review to identify and review existing internal organisational pathways and frameworks, policies and plans relevant to climate resilient vegetation activities.
    2. Identification and review of existing adaptation pathway approaches that may work for organisational to select suitable intervention options for climate resilient revegetation, and where the pathways may sit within existing organisational plans, policies, and procedures.
    3. Selection of an adaptive pathway approach, identification of intervention options, and selection of suitable criteria to refine intervention options.
    4. Development of sequencing pathways to implement the selected intervention options.

The project was challenging as it required a bespoke approach to develop a climate adaptation framework to meet the organisation’s need for a simple and practical approach. Climate adaptation frameworks and the development of adaptation pathways approaches are still largely theoretical and there are limited examples of where they have been applied in a vegetation context.

This project forms the starting point for wider internal and external community consultation and ultimately the application of the climate adaptation framework to the organisation’s vegetation activities.


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