Dwarf galaxias habitat restoration design in Dandenong Creek

Dwarf Galaxias are native fish previously abundant throughout the Dandenong Valley in Victoria, but are now a threatened species. Melbourne Water have invested in habitat restoration to re-establish a Dwarf Galaxias population. This project creates a network of sites that will ensure a secure population throughout floods and droughts.

In the first phase of the project, Alluvium investigated over 40 potential habitat sites – well-vegetated ponds on the Dandenong Creek  floodplain. After selecting 21 priority sites, our engineers modelled the local water balance conditions and assessed the required management interventions  – these include minor modifications to allow the sites to hold more water and provide protection from predator species – as well as developing functional designs for each. Since project delivery, Melbourne Water have constructed all sites based on the developed designs. As part of an adaptive approach to site construction and management, our engineers also investigated further modifications to construction works at three additional sites. Once the vegetation at the sites was established and the water regime was confirmed to be appropriate, Dwarf Galaxias were translocated to all sites.


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