Konrad Uebel

Konrad is an environmental scientist with experience working in academic, industry and not-for-profit organisations. Konrad is skilled in inter-disciplinary, mixed methods research incorporating ecology and social science to investigate urban green and blue space management. Konrad has been involved in a range of research projects with a focus on private land conservation, biodiversity conservation, restoration of abandoned agro-pastoral land, cultural ecosystem services of urban parks, and public assessments and use of urban green and blue spaces. These projects have led to a growing research profile and publication of research findings in top-tier journals.

Konrad completed a PhD encompassing landscape ecology and environmental psychology with a focus on private land conservation and urban park soundscapes. His project aimed to understand the vegetation and landscape features that influence bird sounds and traffic noise within urban parkland, the mental health benefits of these urban park soundscapes and how they are experienced by people across spatial and social gradients within Australian cities. A further chapter explored psychological and contextual factors influencing engagement in a range of environmental management behaviours amongst peri-urban landholders. These projects involved analysing ecological and social survey data and employed quantitative statistical analysis in R, as well as spatial analysis in ArcGIS.

Konrad has a passion for the environment, birds, restoration and understanding people-nature interactions, and has a principal interest in using an interdisciplinary, evidence-based approach to achieve sustainable environmental and social outcomes.