Alanna Main

Alanna is an ecologist with experience spanning 8 years in Southeast Australia and Sweden, primarily focused on plant ecology. She has worked as a consultant conducting botanical assessments, ecology and restoration planning and vegetation/conservation mapping; and as a research assistant contributing to diverse ecology research projects and a national landscape monitoring program. Her Master’s research investigated the effect of water temperature on the inundation tolerance of riparian plants to inform river flows management in Victoria. She continues to expand her knowledge of ecosystems and species, and the management and restoration of waterways and terrestrial, riparian and wetland vegetation through contributing to a wide range of biodiversity and interdisciplinary environmental projects.

With a passion for ecosystems, people, waterways and catchments, Alanna aims to contribute to interdisciplinary collaborations that improve both human and environmental outcomes. Her technical skills in ecological assessment and management, research and analysis are complemented by strong communication, project coordination and collaboration skills and diverse experience including customer service, workshop facilitation and community engagement. She has an ability to engage with people from diverse backgrounds and apply creative and strategic thinking to help solve complex ecology and socio-environmental problems